Solar Power

AES Ltd sells high quality standard solar energy solutions in East Africa. We offer our solutions to residential, commercial & industrial customers with installation, warranty and service of up to 5 years.

With over 6 years’ experience, we are trusted with survey, design and installation of home, commercial and industrial solar solutions, which include off-grid and hybrid solutions, energy storage banks, solar water heating systems, solar street/compound lighting.

With 5-6kWhr/m2 solar radiations received per day, our aim is to make hydro/UMEME power the backup solution for business that does 80% operations during day time. Our roof top solution is a great deal that will reduce the electricity bills by 60%. With our 5 years warranty on rooftop systems, School computer labs, Hospitals, organization offices and water pumping clients are assured of a great clients journey and ownership.

Clients can opt to pay the products in monthly installments. Our focus is particularly on solutions that are used to generate income or reduce energy costs

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