AES LTD was founded in 2012 and from the very beginning 
has been operating in Uganda. Uganda is our home market, 
we are committed to being a leading quality power engineering 
provider in Uganda.

AES partners with the world’s known electrical and electronics
components. It is for this reason that we guarantee a five
years clients journey with our free service and warranty.

AES is proud to provide a range of rooftop solar financing
options to our clients. Clients can pay in monthly repayments
for up to 24 months with as little as 40% 0394 851 947 to
discuss a financing option that works best for you.

AES shall provide the Client with five (5) years of free service 
from time of purchase. During this period, the Client is entitled 
to approach AES’ Service Team and we shall visit the Client to 
analyse and fix the problem without charging labour and 
transportation costs

With the purchase of a Service Pack, AES shall deliver and
install your solar system at no additional cost within seven (7)
days after receipt of the deposit payment. Any foreseeable
delays in the delivery or installation of your solar system shall
be communicated to you.

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